Lisa Eisenga emerged from Pontiac, Michigan on May 25th, 1984. Among the rocky caverns and hidden springs of Nashville, Tennessee, Lisa creates whimsical, surreal and offbeat paintings and illustrations which escape from her strange mind and spill onto and commandeer their desired medium. Inspired by fanciful and macabre poetry, music, and literature, her work cleverly plays with the written word, and often approaches macabre concepts in a symbolic, light-hearted way. 

Themes which persist in Lisa’s work include surreal, ethereal creatures, depicted in a poetic, often zoological taxidermic exposition. Her subjects embrace the macabre duality and marriage of both the mechanical and natural world.

Upon graduating from Watkins College of Art & Design with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, Lisa continues to evolve as an artist and share her work with the world. Her work began to show up among coffee shops, restaurants, retail shops, and anywhere where the public could discover her art in an approachable way. Lisa has also been represented by several galleries, including The Tennessee Arts League, Ansbach Artisans Gallery in Franklin, and The Renaissance Center in Dixon. Which each twist of time, her work continues to evolve, captivate, and interact, persistently looking out into the horizon with bright new ideas and worlds to discover throughout the ebbing white caps of the imagination. 

EYE senga