Atomic Nashville, voted Best New Bookstore by The Nashville Scene, Best of 2016 Issue is hosting a Halloween themed book release/signing party October 21 2016 from 6-8 pm. This will be Atomic Nashville’s first author event and it promises to be a book release/signing party like no other!

Featured Author: East Nashville’s very own Joseph Clay will be releasing his second novel Witch’s Dilemma.

Joseph, or Joe as we call him here at Atomic Nashville, is an unusual cross-genre writer who mixes paranormal/supernatural, horror, humor, erotica, fantasy and crime, all in one. Joe himself, is an unusual person whose life is one mixed book of interesting chapters that he pulls from to create his writings and characters. This Harley riding Renaissance man is a retired Mechanical Engineer. However with three ex-wives he has held a variety of second jobs, which include Correctional Officer, Car Salesman, Bouncer, in the many strip clubs in Atlanta, Bodyguard along with other types of security, and now Author.

Before he suffered several heart attacks he was a private pilot and traveled extensively for work and pleasure, these travels took him to exotic places and some that were nothing more than a hole in the wall or a dot on a map. His favorite music is the blues and when he is writing it’s a blaring.

To sum Joe up is easy, he is eccentric, funny, with a twist and southern charm, and you can never tell what is going to come out of his mouth.

Atomic Nashville invites you to attend this event and get to know Joe by asking him questions, he has informed us nothing is off limits. His answers are sure to entertain. Pick up a copy of Witch’s Dilemma, he will sign it for you if you wish. Afterwards browse our store, and check out our selection of local music, art by local artists, and other books, plus an assortment of Gifts and Novelties for all.

Festivities Include:

Craft Beer Tasting

Wine Tasting

Cheese and Crackers

The above will be served by beautiful ladies dressed as characters from Witch’s Dilemma.

Door Prizes: Gift Certificates or Cards from:

Atomic Nashville

John Cannon fine artist – Free Art Lesson

Other local East Nashville Business’s

It is rumored that Elvis who left the building in 1977, will make an appearance at his favorite Book, Art and Music Store Atomic Nashville. You don’t want to miss the king.

To read the book blurb of Witch’s Dilemma visit