At last, a book written about The Ozark Mountain Daredevils, by one of its own, has been released. Written by bassist, Michael ‘Supe’ Granda, “It Shined – The Saga of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils” is an expose of the life and times of the band in and out of the spotlight, on and off of the stage, and from top of the charts to the bottom of the barrel. Not only will you find humorous anecdotes about the music (i.e. Jackie Blue’s sex change and Chicken Train’s acquisition of its chicken squawking solo), you will learn about the rigors of the road both here and abroad. Follow the path of the band from its beginnings onstage at the New Bijou Theater in 1971 to one of their last gigs on the stage of the Shrine Mosque in 2004.

In between those dates you’ll find a cornucopia of stories – some good, some bad, some ugly, all entertaining. Though the band went through many personnel changes, the only member to remain a constant was Supe. While the others came and went, Supe stood center stage, leading the mayhem with musicianship and humor, both of which can be found in these pages.