Best Screws To Pull Wood Together - Best Quality In June 2022

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  • Most used 6 sizes(inch) :#6x1/2",#6x3/4",#8x3/4",#8x1",#8x1-1/4",#10x2".
  • Wood screws neatly packaged in a plastic clear box,Conveniently Portable, this box can handy reusable.
  • Sturdy and corrosion resistant,Phillips design minimize bit slippage.
  • 【Size and Quantity】We have selected 8 popular sizes for you.Length includes:25PCS*#7x5/8”-16mm,25PCS*#7x3/4”-20mm,30PCS*#7x1”-25mm,30PCS*#7x1-1/4”-30mm,30PCS*#7x1-3/8”-35mm,25PCS*#7x1-5/8”-40mm,20PCS*#7x2”-50mm,20PCS*#7x2-1/2”-60mm,total 205PCS.We put them in a durable transparent plastic box, which is very convenient for you to carry them anytime and anywhere.
  • 【Corrosion and Rust Resistance】Our screws are made of 100% 304 stainless steel, which is one of the highest forms of corrosion-resistant metal. Even in a dark and humid environment, it can easily prevent corrosion and rust.
  • 【High Quality】These Phillips flat head screws are made of high-hardness pure high-quality stainless steel, making it difficult to bend and break during use.
  • Head Style: Flat (Phillips)
  • Length: 1-1/2 inch
  • Material: Steel
  • 🔨Advanced Material: Our wood screw set is made of carbon steel, and the surface is galvanized, which is sturdy and can effectively prevent corrosion, resist rust.
  • 🔨Multi Functional: This drywall screw assortment can be used for a variety of woodworking projects, also can be used on a wide variety of materials and drywall.
  • 🔨Multi Sizes: #6 X 1/2''-12mm, #6 X 5/8''-16mm, #6 x 3/4''-19mm, #8 x 3/4''-19mm, #8 X 1''-25mm, #8 x1/2''-30mm, #10 X 1-3/4''-50mm.
  • Zinc Screws provide rust protection, and are well-suited for indoor projects of all types that won’t be exposed to excessive moisture.
  • Pocket Screws neatly packaged in a plastic clear box,Conveniently Portable, this box can handy reusable. Most used 7 sizes(inch) :8#*1,7#*1-1/4,8#*1-1/4,8#*1-1/2,8#*2,8#*2-1/2
  • T.K.Excellent screw kit contains seven of the most popular size makes work easier.
  • Assortment Set: Wood Screws kit includes 9 sizes of flat head Screws.
  • Wide Application: KETUN wood Screws Assortment suitable for installing drywall in your home, office, building or workplace, etc. these drywall screw will be your good helper, it can be used for attach drywall to wood or metal studs. These screws commonly have a sharp point that helps penetrate the material.
  • High Quality Materia: These Flat Head Screws are made of high quality 304 stainless steel known for its dependable and rigid strength as well as its corrosion resistant quality.
  • Diameter: #4#6#8#10#12 screw| Length: 1/4" to 2" | Thread Type: Coarse (standard) | Head: Flat Head Phillips Drive |Quantity: 450pcs | Material: 304 Stainless Steel.
  • This assortment of self tapping sheet metal screws features deep cut Phillips Drive, provide uniform force, no need to worry stripping heads any more. Can be used for a variety of woodworking projects.(When using on hardwood, pre-drilling recommended)
  • Size: Including #4x1/4", #4x1/2", #4x1",#6x1/2", #6x3/4", #6x1",#8x1/2", #8x3/4", #8x1", #8x1-1/4", #8x1-1/2", #10x3/4", #10x1", #10x1-1/2", #12x1",#12x2" stainless steel wood screws.

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5. Conclusion

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