IMG_0164Amy Pragnell is a Lowbrow Pop Surrealist artist who creates in Prismacolor pencil. Creepy-cute, dark, gothy, with touches of humor or symbolism. All works are original, one of a kind and offered as one-off or limited run.















Amy Pragnell has always been drawn to the unusual, strange and extraordinary and these are the themes. Gathering inspiration from when she creates her drawings. Letting her imagination run wild while contemplating a subject is where her creative process begins. Not quite real, more like a dreamy fantasy is where my images lay. Sometimes humorous, sometimes gothic, sometimes monstrous, they have a presence all their own.

Although she primarily creates in colored pencil, she paints in acrylic as well. The broken and whole skateboards she creates came about by accident, and she has never looked back. There is still so much life in these cast away boards!